More About Our Services

Basic Obedience

Name, Focus, Sit, Sit-Stay, Down, Down-Stay, Place, Come, Dog Leash Training and some behavior modifications. We will also work on dog leash training.

Behavior Modification

Is your dog biting, jumping or chewing furniture? These issues can be modified.

Animal aggression

Is your dog attacking another dog within the same household, or other dogs period? Cats? Etc? I specialize in this area as well.

Human Aggression

We can help with dog-on-human aggression. This is NOT for group dog training classes. Your dog’s aggressive behavior is not suitable for that class.


Bruiser dog training center believes in-home training is simply more effective and convenient than many traditional classes. At home, we’re able to provide a deeper, more focused level of one-on-one attention—the gold standard in dog training. Our  in-home training is an half an hour long to ensure we can make progress with each lesson. Here’s how we approach improving your pup’s behavior:

The first ten to fifteen minutes of the session are devoted to our trainers learning all about your dog. This is the time for you to discuss specific problems your dog is having. The more our trainers are able to learn, the better they can help.The remainder of the session is devoted to training. Our professionals will show you how the training is done—instead of just telling you—and provide tips for practicing what you and your dog have learned.Lessons end with the trainer assigning customized homework based on your dog’s areas of concern. You’ll also be able to ask questions about anything and everything related to your dog. You can even contact your trainer after the session for no extra charge.