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We’re experienced, professional dog trainers

We don’t just love dogs—we speak dog (and puppy, mutt, pooch, and hound). Our instructors are highly certified dog trainers with many years’ experience and a commitment to ongoing education in our field.

We believe in real-life results

Whether it’s training classes, private training, or dog daycare we want you to see a difference with your puppy or dog at home, where it really counts—or anywhere else you choose to take your best friend.

We use only science-based, dog-and-people friendly methods

In an unregulated industry we employ only the most up-to-date, humane, scientifically researched training methods. We want you feel good about how you (or we) get your training results, and how we care for your dog.

About Us

Deep is a dog trainer that serves Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali and the surrounding areas with the highest quality of dog training available.  Whether you want off-leash obedience training, a sport dog, or to get a handle on your dog’s behavioral issues Nathan can help you achieve your goals.

No two dogs are the same. We use a well rounded training approach that can meet the needs of each individual dog.  With strong leadership, clear communication, and proper motivation, your dog will be happy, reliable, and obedient.  As your communication with your dog improves, the bond between you and your dog can’t help but to improve as well.

Our Dog Training and Behaviour Services

A better way to a better dog Any Breed, Any Age, Any Problem – Including Puppies

Frustrated or desperate when dealing with your dog’s inappropriate, embarrassing or destructive dog behaviours? Our easy to follow, natural and dog friendly training techniques focus on developing a positive relationship between owner and dog to establish a lasting emotional bond based on respect and trust. Our training leverages the same communication methods, voice tone and body language, that dogs follow as part of their instinctual mentality. We come to your home at a time convenient to everyone in your household. The Bruiser dog training approach can help owners establish control of their dog without treats or the need for harsh punishment. In the first session, most owners see dramatic improvements in your dog’s behaviour.

What our customer say

Bruiser dog training group providing very good service. Now my 2 and half years Labrador obey’s my commands. Now my lab well Socialize. I am happy with their services. Thanks

I have 6 months old lab which is trained by Mr deep. He is a best dog trainer, after basic training now my dog obey my commands, i had very good experience with him, he is giving very good services. Thanks


How do you turn a good dog into a great dog?

That’s the question you probably ask whenever your dog misbehaves. These are the moments, for example, when your dog suddenly yanks on the leash or lunges at other animals. Or when you catch them chewing furniture.

Moments like these are frustrating, to be sure. But the trouble goes even deeper than that. For when your dog misbehaves, it also strains the loving relationship you have with them. You still love your dog, yet it’s harder now.

If you’re like most dog owners, you’re not going to sit by and pray that your dog’s behavioural issues go away. No, you’re going to get up and take action.

So what do you do? You try every solution that seems like it could make a difference. No matter how weird. And no matter how absurd.

Sound familiar? If so, you’ve probably tried everything too. Yet none of it’s worked, has it? Your dog still misbehaves and you still feel frustrated.

That’s where we come in.
An early start with dog obedience training and good communication can be the key to success. At ruiser training center , we have proven solutions for your dog’s behavioural issues. Over the last 15 years, we’ve helped owners just like you, turn good dogs into great dogs. Using a customized, one-on-one dog training program, we’ll help your pooch become even more lovable.

Our techniques begin by focusing on your dog’s unique situation. Knowing their situation, we’ll develop a personalized plan that’s dog-friendly and easy for you to follow. We’ll then coach you on how to specifically implement the plan and get the results you’re after.

And, speaking of results, you’re likely to be amazed at the speed with which they come. Our proprietary training system typically leads to dramatic improvements within just the first three-hour session. That means your dog may be better behaved in time for their next walk SEVER BEHAVIOUR ISSUE

Are your dog’s behavior problems stressing you out?

We can help.

At bruiser training center , our trainers have the knowledge and experience needed to handle even the most “difficult” dogs. Drawing on these resources, we’ll give you a well-behaved dog and an end to your stress.

Our programs are perfect for you if your dog has behavior issues like:

Separation anxiety – usually accompanied by barking and destruction of property
Aggression toward other dogs or humans
Excessive or intimidating barking
Nervousness or a lack of confidence around other dogs
Obsessive compulsive disorders (yes, even dogs get them!)

We’ll help you resolve your dog’s behavior issues in just a few weeks training sessions. The first of these, the initial session, takes about 30 to 45 min and consists of the following:

Situation Assessment: We’ll conduct a detailed interview with you to determine the true source of the problem. We’ll also assess your dog’s temperament and their environment. These considerations will enable us to develop a plan of action that’s perfectly suited to your dog.Explanation of the Bark Busters Technique: We’ll clearly explain the theory behind our techniques so you can be fully involved.Coaching and Implementation: Once we determine the best course of action, we’ll coach you on how to implement our techniques. This will make your dog see you as the leader, not us. So your dog will continue to be well-behaved long after we’ve left.