Bruiser pet care services can help you connect with verified dog walkers who can help you out multiple times during the day, depending on your dog’s exercise needs. Reach out for your dog walker today.

A busy day at work or prior commitments is sometimes unavoidable, so you do not need to ignore your dog’s needs or rush back home at lunch to meet your dog’s needs. Instead, book a dog walker to give your dog a 30 or 60-minute dog walk. Our dog walker can stop by as often as needed—on any day.
Our dog walker will ensure your dog gets to take their daily stroll, so they are healthy and happy. They will also give frequent, adorable updates of your dog having a great time with our caregivers through pictures and videos.

Benefits of daily dog walk

For the well-being of any dog, a minimum of two 15-minute walks to toilet breaks and exercise are recommended for most dogs each day. Some might need more than one or two during the day. Also, spending quality time walking your dog is rewarding and helps you bond better with your dog.
Taking your dog for a daily walk is a great way to keep them in shape. Daily 30-minute walks reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes and prevent inflammation and stiff joints in your pet.

Dog walking has many added benefits; they get much physical activity and mental stimulation. Dog walking activity helps your dog release excess energy, improving digestive and urinary health.

It also helps them engage and socialize with other pets or dogs and, last but not least, helps maintain weight and build the strength of your pets. Some dogs may even become moody and irritable when they don’t get their daily dose of exercise.

What benefits will you get?

To answer that, remember that every dog loves playtime or long walks, especially the playful breeds with high energy; daily walks will give them their required regular exercise, and they will remain happy and healthy.

Let us help you with your dog-walking duties and leave all worries behind, as your dog will be in safe hands with our experienced and compassionate pet caregivers.